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Your security is our top concern. We recognize the sensitivity of sharing company data with third-party tools, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Mrgr Overview

Mrgr is an advanced realtime alerting and dashboard tool for engineering managers.  The product is driven by data about activity at your organization which is fed to us via our Github App. During Mrgr onboarding, we will prompt you to install our Github App at your Github Organization. At this time you can choose which repositories it may access. You may grant the access only to specific repos, or you may grant access to all repos in your organization. Our Github App requests certain permissions in order for Mrgr to function correctly.  Here’s an outline of the permissions we request and why we request them.

Github Permissions

Installing the Mrgr Github app allows us to receive webhooks and to make API calls to Github to access your data.  These API calls are authorized via a token.  To improve security, this token must be rotated every hour.

Repository Contents
* list files changed in a pull request
* notify users of changes to High Impact Files or folders
* track commits and PR churn
Pull Requests
* read/update PR labels
* read/update PR reviewers
* post status checks
* compute analytics
Team Members
* show PR authors/reviewers
* drive Controversial PR notifications
* poke your team from our UI

❗️ We never store your source code anywhere in our systems.

Slack Access

When installing our Slack integration, we may see a list of users at your organization. This allows us to route the notification to the proper consumer (ie, you).


All data in our network is transmitted via 128-bit SSL encryption, and is encrypted at rest.  Company access to customer data is monitored and restricted to authorized personnel only.

Revoking Access

You may terminate your Mrgr account at any time from your Account Settings page.  Terminating your account will remove the Mrgr Github App installation from your Github organization and purge any Github data from our servers (comments, commits, etc).  Some small amount of user data will be retained for internal billing, audit, and customer service purposes.

Further Info

For more information please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use or contact us at