Realtime Alerts

Because a daily summary is old news.

Why Realtime?

No one wants to find out about a problem days after it’s happened. Not only is the problem harder to solve, but you'll develop a fear that something is always about to blindside you, making your already difficult job more difficult.

That’s why Mrgr generates realtime alerts - to keep you in the loop of developing situations. You can choose to respond or consciously let it go. Either way, you won’t get caught by surprise.

What got changed?!

High Impact Files

Not all changes are equal. Designate repo-specific files or folders as High Impact to get notified when a PR changes them.

Sane Defaults
We automatically detect your repo’s language to create default alerts for changes to the database, dependencies, or router in your Rails, Javascript, and Elixir applications.

Custom files
Add as many High Impact Files to each repo as you want, along with custom colored badges! Some good example file types are: authorization, checkout, PII, and customer financial data.

All High Impact File alerts can be delivered via Email, Slack, or both.

high impact file list screen
controversial PR example slack message
"Houston, we have a problem"

Risky Pull Requests

Most pull requests don’t need your attention. But when they do, Mrgr notifies you immediately. Tired of always fighting fires? Stop small problems from becoming big ones by acting sooner rather than later. You’ll become a next level manager.

We currently identify and alert you to the following risky situations:

Controversial PRs: When a comment thread on a PR has gone on too long, it’s worth a look. Engineers could be arguing with each other, or going in circles waiting for a decision. In any case, it’s a smell- and you want to know about it.
✅ Dormant PRs: A PR that's had no activity for 24 hours needs follow up from the boss. Automated alerts to the team become noise and are routinely ignored. We notify you immediately so you can take action and no, we don't count weekends toward the time limit :).
✅ Large PRs: An unwelcome but common situation, large pull requests are a smell. When they do happen it may be too late to smallify them, but knowing when they happen is the first step to improvement.

Risky PR alert thresholds are configurable so you can dial in what works best for you.

Have it your way

Custom Alerts

Got a new engineer you want to keep an eye on?

Or perhaps a specific repo or label that always needs extra scrutiny?

Create custom alerts to answer your questions with Mrgr's highly configurable filters. So if something matters to you, you'll be able to know about it.

We currently support alerting based on these common filters:

✅ Repository
✅ Label
✅ Author
✅ Reviewer (including you!)
✅ Draft Status

Combine them in any way you want to suit your needs. Alerts can be individually configured to arrive by email, Slack, or both.

Custom PR Filters
event- notice-screen
Meeting you where you are

Multiple Notification Channels

An alert doesn't help you if you don't see it. Choose whether to receive notifications via email or Slack - or both!

Delivery settings are configured per-alert, giving you the ultimate control in where you see what.

Security first

Your Data is Safe

We follow industry-standard best practices including rotating access tokens and, of course, encrypting data in transit and at rest.

Lock and Key

Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse

You don't need to respond to every alert. It's enough to know that one's happened.

A daily or weekly summary of activity doesn't give you the feel for how the team is doing. With all the responsibilities on a manager's plate, it's easy to end up feeling confused about what's going on, and to miss crucial manager moments.

Mrgr's realtime alerts free you from the burden of having to closely track your team's activity. Instead, we'll let you know when something needs your attention so you can respond faster with less work. Isn't that nice?

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Frequently Asked Questions

All questions are good questions.

Can my team use Mrgr?

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Mrgr is designed for a single user at an organization - an engineering manager or a team lead. If you'd like other managers or team members to get connected with their own custom alerts, please contact enterprise sales.

What data do you store?

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We permission read-only access to your source code in order to generate our notifications, but we do not store any source code in our database. It's in memory and then it's gone. For more information, visit our security page.

How does Mrgr work?

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During onboarding you'll be prompted to install our Github App, which is how we access your team info and PR data. Note that you'll need to have admin permissions at your organization to do this.

I have a great idea. Do you take feature requests?

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We sure do. Please contact us to say hi :).