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The visibility tech leads and managers need to get up to speed and make decisions quickly.

Simple Integration

Zero Learning Curve

We give you the birds-eye view that Github doesn't. Your open pull requests are organized into sensible categories so you always know what's going on, and what to look at next.

Products are built across repositories. That's why we show activity at all repos across your organization. Prefer to hide one or two?  We do that too.

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Efficient PR Summaries

At Your Fingertips

We summarize everything you need to know about a pull request so you can quickly decide if something warrants further attention. We highlight the following key data points:

✅ Author
✅ Tagged/Approving Reviewers
✅ Recent Activity
✅ Comment Summary
✅ Commit Summary
✅ PR Size

Custom Dashboards

Get The Right Answers Right Now

Mrgr custom dashboards are flexible, designed to educate and assist leads with contextually accurate information. No more digging around for the truth. Create your own views to get answers faster. Available filters include repositories, labels, author, reviewer, and draft status.

Create individual custom dashboards to:

✅ keep track of a new engineer
✅ follow an upstream repo
✅ organize your label-based state machine into proper swim lanes
✅ track PRs that have tagged you as a reviewer

Plus, custom dashboards can drive realtime alerts to notify you instantly of new PRs. Learn more.

Custom PR Filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

All questions are good questions.

Can my team use Mrgr?

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Mrgr is designed for a single user at an organization - an engineering manager. If you'd like other managers or team members to get connected with their own custom alerts, please contact enterprise sales.

How does Mrgr work?

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During onboarding you'll be prompted to install our Github App, which is how we access your team info and PR data. Note that you'll need to have admin permissions at your organization to do this.

I have a great idea. Do you take feature requests?

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We sure do. Please contact us to say hi :).