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Feature Release: the Changelog

Mrgr's latest feature - the Changelog - neatly summarizes your team's completed work.


Desmond Bowe

May 16, 2023
2 min
Feature Release: the  Changelog

tl;dr Mrgr's new Changelog delivers weekly emails of merged PRs and an historical archive of all merges.

The Changelog

We're excited to announce the release of our latest feature: the Changelog. It's an easy way to see summaries of your team's work at an executive level and share throughput with stakeholders. There are two ways to use our Changelog feature: weekly emails and the historical archive.

Weekly Emails

Each Friday afternoon we will send you an email summarizing all the PRs that were closed on each day of the current week. We also include helpful information such as High Impact Change badges in case you want to dig deeper. If you've been too busy to look over the week's PRs as they were opened, a brief summary of what went out can help you keep your finger on the pulse. Our day-by-day breakdown also gives you an intuitive sense of the week's merge cadence.

Clean and simple.

Weekly emails will be delivered automatically to your inbox, but you can always change the settings on your profile page.

Historical Archive

Sometimes you'd like to do some spelunking on historical changes. Other times - let's face it - it feels good to scroll through completed work to see just how far you and your team have come. For those moments, look to our changelog archive. The weekly summaries can be easily copied and pasted into Slack or an email for comms with team members, colleagues, and stakeholders.

The archive is easily found at the top nav:

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ...a changelog!

The format is similar to the weekly emails, and includes a total count of merged PRs:

Also a chance to review commit message hygiene.

Both our weekly emails and historical archive show changes across all repos, just like the rest of Mrgr. We hope you enjoy it! Please share any thoughts and feedback so we can continue improving : ).

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