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Double Feature: Controversial PR Alerts + Slack Integration

Mrgr now alerts you to controversial PRs, and it can do so via Slack!


Desmond Bowe

May 17, 2023
2 min
Double Feature: Controversial PR Alerts + Slack Integration

I’m excited to announce not one, but two new features at Mrgr: alerts for controversial pull requests (PRs), and our new Slack integration.

Alerts for Controversial PRs

Sometimes discussions on PRs can get out of hand. Whether that’s because of unclear requirements, nitpicky comments, or clashing team personalities, the sooner you find out about it and intervene, the better. That's why we've introduced alerts for controversial PRs. When a PR comment thread exceeds a certain threshold, our system will automatically flag it as controversial and send you an alert. This way, you can quickly answer questions or smooth over contentious conversations before frustration (or tension) rises.

Not only will our new controversial PR alerts feature help you increase your team’s velocity, but it will also save you and your team the emotional energy of unbounded back-and-forth conversations.

Enabled by default, available via Slack or email.

It’s an alert you don’t want to get, but you’ll be glad when you do.

New Slack Integration

This has been a highly requested feature for some time. You spend all day in Slack, so that’s where you want your alerts! That's why we're excited to announce our new Slack integration. By installing our Slackbot, you can receive real-time notifications of all your Mrgr alerts, including High Impact Changes, Controversial PRs, Dormant PRs, and more.

It only takes a moment to set up, and you have complete control over how each notification is delivered - to Slack, your email, or both!

Wow, a controversial PR alert! That desmondmonster is up to something...

Mrgr’s sophisticated alerting works best where we can reach you the quickest. If there are other channels you’d like us to support, please let us know. We could even send you a fax if you really want.


When a situation arises that needs your attention, you need to be notified as soon as possible. This double feature release puts visibility in the hands of managers to help them guide the humans on their team. And that adds up to higher quality code produced faster.

Stay tuned!

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