Realtime Alerts for Engineering Managers

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Mrgr is a realtime alerting tool. We identify key events in the pull request lifecycle that need your attention to keep you in the loop.

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Realtime Alerts

Our algorithms track PR activity to notify you immediately of developing situations. Each realtime alert includes relevant context so you can quickly make a decision about how to proceed.

Mrgr supports the following realtime alerts:

✅ High Impact File changes
✅ Controversial Pull Requests
✅ Dormant Pull Requests
✅ PR opened on repo, label, author, or reviewer
✅ Database Migrations
✅ Dependency Changes

With these realtime alerts on the way:
☑️ Pull Request Churn
☑️ First Touch of File in a While
☑️ Engineer's First Change of a File

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Realtime alerts are individually configurable and can be delivered either via email or Slack.

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Pull Request Dashboards

Our cross-repo overviews organize your open pull requests so it's easy to get up to speed. It's a must if you're overseeing an active team.

✅ Birds-eye view of all outstanding work
✅ Stop clicking around Github to find PRs in different repos
✅ PRs organized by status (ready to merge, needs review)
✅ PRs organized by risky situation (controversial, dormant)
✅ Create custom dashboards based on author, repo, and more
✅ Efficient PR summary gives you the major details
✅ Easily click through to Github for deep dives

Our dashboards give you the visibility you need to make fast, informed decisions.

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Trim Analytics

We focus on the two statistics that matter:

✅ Throughput
✅ Average Time to Close

Simple.  We don’t believe there’s much to be gained from analytics for analytics’ sake.

That's why we don’t just show you the numbers, we help you improve them.  Our realtime alerts and powerful dashboards help you make faster decisions to raise your team’s productivity.  Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

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Designed for the Tools You Love

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Mrgr integrates with the services you're already using to gather insights and deliver realtime alerts straight to your fingertips.

The Mrgr Difference

Other products give you daily summaries or endless analytics. Mrgr is built for productivity so you can take action, not pore over esoteric graphs. We give you the top line stats that matter: number of PRs merged, and average time to close.

With Mrgr's ecosystem of realtime alerts and flexible dashboards, you're always up to speed. Walk into meetings and conversations with context and confidence.

Improving Management Everywhere

Industry-leading companies use Mrgr to manage more effectively.

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